Our Process

Highvec provides a unique cleaning system for power distribution components. Our cleaning process cuts costs by eliminating expensive repairs, minimizing downtime and reducing the possibility of injury. Highvec can clean all types of high-voltage equipment, including:

  • Outdoor insulators (up to 230kV)
  • Switch rooms in plants and mills
  • Electric motors

We also provide infrared (IR) and ultraviolet (UV) inspection services to spot potential problem areas and save you the expense of major repairs.

High-voltage cleaning

Cleaning high-voltage electrical equipment usually means shutting down power, and even your entire operation. Highvec’s innovative no-downtime method is based on the traditional procedure of corn blasting, and can be adapted to a wide range of electrical contamination problems. We will remove the thick layers of dust and grime from your underground substations, and help you prevent dangerous flashovers and fires.

We have adapted our unique cleaning process to a wide range of electrical contamination problems in such industries as mining, smelting, refineries, steel plants, pulp and paper plants, OSB plants, and other manufacturing facilities. Our high-voltage cleaning services save you time and money, and help you retain your competitive advantage.

Environmentally friendly electrical cleaning services

Highvec has perfected an environmentally friendly cleaning process that uses ground-up corncobs, walnut shells and limestone to blast away grime and dirt from electrical components. The mixture is just abrasive enough to dislodge the dirt and grime without causing damage to wiring and other components.

First, Highvec inspects your switchgear and electrical equipment with infrared and ultraviolet cameras, looking for any hot spots, bad connections or thermal anomalies. Following this non-invasive inspection, we perform our environmentally cleaning process. Most of our work is done under live conditions, meaning you won’t need to power-down your processes.

IR and UV inspection services

Highvec provides non-invasive infrared (IR) and ultraviolet (UV) inspection services. Inspections are available as a standalone service and are also a standard part of our cleaning process.

Failure of an electrical apparatus – such as switchgear, transformers or insulators – can produce catastrophic results, resulting in severe injury or even death. Electrical failures can be seen as hotspots by IR cameras or they may emit ultraviolet light. We use our IR and UV cameras to inspect your switchgear and electrical equipment for hot spots, bad connections or thermal anomalies. Each inspection includes a detailed report outlining any problem areas.

Advantages of Highvec specialized electrical cleaning

We offer specialized electrical cleaning services in almost any environment – indoor, outdoor and underground mining. We have completed a wide range of projects, including underground mine substations, all types of metal clad switchgear, and live line outdoor insulators (to 230kV), to name a few. Advantages of the Highvec cleaning method include:

  • Stops corona
  • Stops tracking
  • Prevents flashovers
  • Removes corrosion
  • Removes moisture
  • Eliminates downtime
  • Lowers operating temperature