Looking for electrical cleaning that focuses on safety and cost savings? 

Highvec Canada is a leader in High Voltage electrical cleaning and Condition Monitoring.


Your #1 High &medium voltage power distribution system cleaning. That includes Mining, Forestry, and the Industrial sector.


Biodegradable non conducive blast media is used to clean contamination and residues on insulators, transformers, and metal clad switchgear to prevent Electrical Flashovers and unexpected shutdowns. By avoiding unnecessary shutdowns and hazardous safety issues we save clients large quantities of money avoiding the unexpected. 


The use of Thermal Imaging, Ultraviolet Imaging and ultrasound detection are used prior to cleaning to find any deficiencies in the electrical equipment. This process

Is key to our safety and beneficial for the electrical system.


Highvec has over 30years of experience with a clean safety record.


Safety is our #1 priority.

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As you can see our biodegradable blast media does a great job 

We offer a great preventative maintenance program

Complete with detailed maintenance reports for your maintenance department.